Imagine if you or your family are physically attacked? You don’t have to be fearful, and you don’t have to be victim.

Imagine if you or your family are physically attacked? You don’t have to be fearful, and you don’t have to be victim. The White Tiger Self-Defense Programs, offer effective, hands-on techniques to help protect you from virtually any type of confrontation.

  • Learn physical, mental and spiritual self-defense
  • Learn how to face a violent attacker
  • Defend yourself and your loved ones
  • Master powerful, Kung Fu style self-defense

The way of the Shaolin is truly a peaceful path, but there are situations that require self-protection skills. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to face a violent attacker without fear. Get prepared with beginning to advanced self-defense training in an exciting and supportive environment.

Our classes combine cardio workouts and strength training with practical and highly effective fighting techniques. Not only can these methods help you in a tough situation but the confidence and strength gained from each class will keep you on your toes.

People always ask, “Will this class really help in a life-threatening situation?” The simple answer is, YES. When we are in a serious situation, we don’t have time to think about what to do you. We must react. At White Tiger Kung Fu you’ll learn hands-on, self-protection techniques from highly trained professionals.

Our self-defense classes are based on a system that has proven effective for hundreds of years in real life situations! Our style of Kung Fu martial arts regimen is similar to Karate or boxing, and provides all the training you will need to ward off a sudden attack.

Regardless of fitness level or skill set, these classes will improve your ability to guard, defend and keep yourself safe. For the beginner, we offer valuable lessons to develop the confidence and techniques needed to defeat an attacker. For the intermediate to advanced students, our classes are an opportunity to hone skills and advance your proficiency.

Our White Tiger instructors are highly trained to help you!

Learn to defend yourself

Never be a victim

Provide safety for loved ones

Train to be alert and aware

Live your life with confidence

Sign-up today and get real-life skills for real-world situations.

Stop living in fear!

Develop the confidence to handle yourself in dangerous predicaments that can occur anytime and anywhere. Above all, develop your fighting and defense skills in a controlled environment with inspiring instructors.