White Tiger Philosophy

Our White Tiger philosophy is based on discipline, moderation and life balance. We incorporate an Internal/External approach to martial arts training that cultivates a sound mind and a strong body in keeping with the White Tiger principles and standards of excellence.

Our internal training amasses core energy through the use of breathing and mental focus exercises that create intrinsic power and force without the use of external or peripheral methods. This type of training can create superior results with less physical effort.

Our external training uses the physicality of the body to develop strength by adding direct resistance, force, or weight to major muscle groups so they respond by increasing in mass, tone and endurance.

We believe in improving the mind and body in a gradual and progressive fashion. In terms of achieving mental clarity, we emphasize the importance of concentration, awareness and clear thought. We use breathing techniques, herbs, and meditation to teach our students to focus and approach their instruction with a clear mind.

In terms of the body, our training systems slowly build up physical strength and power by gradually adding more resistance, a greater counter force, and increasingly more intense training regimens. We offering varying techniques with varying strength-building actions.
Through resistance training we help students develop muscle endurance and greater strength in the hands, forearms, shoulders and the body’s core for more powerful fighting, grappling and throwing moves. We use cardio drills and balance training to improve quickness, agility and hand to eye coordination while also building a stronger heart and lungs.

We also adhere to the following ancient creed: Bak Fu Pai System Creed

  • Respect your country, respect the people.
  • Respect your Shi Fu, respect all martial arts.
  • Learn righteous, learn magnanimous, learn Kung Fu.
  • If you are able to accomplish the art, be humble.
  • A master of the art does not abuse his knowledge by using it wrongfully.
  • If a person is not a righteous person, he must not be taught even if he offers you ten thousand ounces of gold.
  • If a person is a relative, but is not righteous, they may not be taught.
  • If a person is a relative, and is righteous, they shall be taught.
  • If you are able to learn the White Tiger Fist and Staff, though it may look like a useless rock, treat it as a brick of gold.