Fit Fight Boot Camp

White Tiger Kung Fu classes are a unique combination of muscle toning and strength training drills.

“I’m not flexible enough.” “I’m not coordinated enough.” “I’m too big.” “I’m not strong enough.”
If these sound like one of your excuses for not coming to White Tiger Martial Arts, think again. In reality, these are the best reasons to think about signing up!

White Tiger Kung Fu classes are a unique combination of muscle toning and strength training drills. Your legs will quiver, your butt will firm, your metabolism will ignite, and your muscles will get tight and toned! No matter what your fitness level is, these classes will get you in shape quickly!

We are a traditional Martial Arts school with the perfect blend of conventional guidance and modern training techniques to enhance virtually any fitness level. Most Martial Schools fall into two categories:

  1. purist schools that strictly preserve ancient traditions
  2. progressive schools that embrace modern grappling and/or MMA.

We have created a third category. We passionately uphold our martial arts origins in the traditional sense, yet recognize that today’s athletes are bigger, faster, stronger, and healthier. Therefore, we embrace modern science and take the very best it has to offer … such as kettle bell routines, explosive exercise drills, plyometrics, ballistic drills, and some Olympic style drills.

Each class is fast-paced and focuses in on every part of your body. Every stance strengthens leg muscles, builds endurances and improves balance. Kicks and punches not only build core strength, but they also quickly tone the muscles. Every stretch and turn prepares muscles to train harder and ensures the most effective workout available.

We incorporate the innovations of modern workouts into a well-balanced fusion of fitness and martial arts. We are selective, however. “New” does not always mean “good” and “modern” is not always better. We don’t include trendy workouts for the sake of being “in.” The workout has to be inspired by the lessons of our Masters and Grandmasters who teach health first because a healthy body and mind lead to a more competent practitioner.