Adult Martial Arts

White Tiger Kung Fu Training (also known as Bak Fu Pai) is a traditional kung fu art that has been passed down from generation to generation since the 17th century.

White Tiger Kung Fu combines Kung Fu, Qigong, and Chinese herbal remedies for all students, from beginners to experts. Grandmaster Doo Wai’s approach to healing and preservation mirrors that of the Taoist, combining herbal nutrition and internal energy cultivation with kung fu self defense. Our training places an emphasis on keeping the mind sharp while increasing life force and internal energy (Qi) through a well- developed system of meditation, stretching, and breathing techniques known as Qigong (also known as Chi Kung) that stems from the Taoist tradition.

White Tiger Kung Fu is one of the original Shaolin Temple styles. Developed in a time when techniques had to be effective, this martial art is as relevant today at our gym as it was back then at the temple. White Tiger is a no frills style that incorporates all aspects of a combat system while preserving the health knowledge of Shaolin such as Chinese herbs and qigong. It contains a practical system of stand-up fighting/self-defense, clinch fighting, and ground fighting (Temple boxing, Cham Na, and the original 72 Ways of Grabbing and Throwing).

White Tiger Kung Fu has survived as a completely intact form of martial arts training since 1644. All important components of a true southern Shaolin Kung Fu system are intact including the fighting, grappling, joint locking, throws, Qigong training, and herbal supplements.

Learn martial arts at our Kung Fu school from highly skilled teachers in the proven traditional way while improving your health and fitness. We welcome all ages to our classes and we encourage beginners as well as advanced students to join us.