Kids Kung Fu

Our Kids martial arts program is a diverse, physical regimen involving all muscle groups to help develop physical fitness.

I’m a long time resident of Westwood California and having the White Tiger Kung Fu Studio in our community is a real treasure. It is a well run organization, professional staff and a clean safe environment for any woman to grow physically and spiritually. The school offers a schedule of classes that allows me to balance work and family life. The instructors take a personal interest in me and have given me the confidence to push myself beyond my limits. I recommend this school to all of my friends.

Anne Jordan

Chief Legal Council, The Africa Channel

Our Kids Kung Fu program is a diverse, physical regimen involving all muscle groups to help develop physical fitness. Our emphasis goes far beyond just learning martial arts moves and self-defense, however. At White Tiger, we use martial arts as a tool to develop positive character and life skills for our younger students. Our emphasis is on personal-development, such as boosting self-confidence, improving focus, increasing concentration, developing self-discipline, and optimizing mind and body strength.

It is our mission to engage kids and empower them with the tools they need to succeed, both in the studio and in the world.

Our program is more than a way to pass the time. For our kids, it is a crucial turning point in the overall direction of their lives. Our Kids Kung Fu program is high energy, fun, & extremely interactive. Our students work hard and enjoy a positive learning experience that keeps them involved and fully committed. Although the values that we teach are serious, the atmosphere is extremely enjoyable. The broad life lessons help our students understand the connection between what they learn in class and real-world applications. This makes our martial arts curriculum practical and insightful for school-age kids and beyond.

At White Tiger, our students learn Kung Fu skills and life skills to:

Foster discipline

Encourage respect

Instill a winning attitude

Develop a strong character

Promote leadership

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