Mixed Martial Arts / MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is among the most intense and physical sports!

When you prepare your body for anything, like MMA athletes do, you find that your body is capable of doing everything. So whether you are looking to be a professional fighter, or just want to learn the moves, this is the place for you.

MMA has become a very popular sport and is often only looked at as cage fighting, but at White Tiger Studio it is so much more. At White Tiger Studio it has evolved into a unique martial art of its own. MMA classes are taught in a friendly atmosphere where skills, effort and smarts are valued over brute strength. But don’t kid yourself, the training is still intense as you prepare to be “fight ready.” A high-level MMA fighter at White Tiger Studio is one of the most extreme athletes in the city.

Each class focuses on different MMA skills and will be effective as you learn striking, grappling and other pure power moves. You will train like a fighter and engage in sessions that will take you both mentally and physically farther than ever before. Your self defense skills will be honed to perfection.

White Tiger Studio has something of a no-holds-barred reputation because of their customized regimen. MMA is taught with a focus on traditional kung fu skills (Iron Body and Iron Fist) so you will develop the mental toughness needed to get through a strenuous fight.