enables you to grow stronger physically,
mentally and to live a balanced life.

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Our Programs

Kid’s Kung Fu

We are committed to teaching kids martial arts and fitness. It is our mission to engage kids and empower them with the tools they need to succeed.

Adult Martial Arts

Our Kung Fu school places an emphasis on keeping the mind sharp while increasing life force and internal energy (Qi) through our well- developed system.

Fit Fight Boot Camp

Our Kung Fu classes are a unique combination of muscle toning and strength training drills. We are a traditional Martial Arts school of guidance & self defense training.

Meditation-QiGong Program

We embrace Qigong, an ancient health system that consists of breathing, focus and coordinated muscle movements designed to cultivate Chi-Energy.

Our Instructors

Grandmaster Doo Wai

For six generations, White Tiger Kung Fu has been passed from father to son, ending finally with Grandmaster Doo Wai, who has decided to make the art available to the public.

Shi Gung Tom Rizzo

A martial arts student since the age of six, Tom Rizzo has studied a full range of martial arts including Karate, JuiJitsu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Kempo.

Sifu Dennis Wood

Dennis Wood started his martial arts training with Kempo in 1988. Four years later he began studying Bak Fu Pai under Sifu Tom Rizzo and Grandmaster Doo Wai.